Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's not all about the kids

Many people upon hearing I'm a teacher say things like "You must love working with kids" or "I can imagine how rewarding it must be."  But if I am being totally honest, it isn't all about the kids.  I am really fortunate to be working in an environment of amazing professionals and intellectuals.  Additionally, these awesome people are also my friends.

So on those mornings when I am overworked and overtired, it isn't always the kids that get me out of bed.  I look forward to seeing my colleagues and know that they will support me, stimulate me intellectually, and above all make me laugh.  The type of camaraderie that develops amongst a great group of teachers is unmatched in almost any profession.  In higher education, where I worked for nearly 15 years, the environment was a lot more cut-throat and self-absorbed and I didn't have the same sense that we were in it together.  Here, everyday I know I am surrounded by people who have a real interest in seeing each other succeed.  And we take care of each other.

So while I wouldn't do this job without the sense of purpose I feel and the joy of helping kids discover new things, my colleagues are the real reason I continue to work here.

Hanging out on Halloween with this fun bunch.

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